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URL Shortener Legit 2023- Link2Cash URL Shortener Review

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? In today’s Article, I’m going to tell you about a URL shortener that is completely different. Unlike other URL shorteners, you get a high conversion rate with this one, and you earn $82 for 1,000 views. Additionally, the good thing about this shortener is that you can instantly withdraw the money. When you withdraw, you receive the money within 1 to 3 hours. What’s great about this shortener is that you get very few ads to watch, and the URLs are clean and safe. This means you can earn a decent income Across this shortener.

First, let me show you some income proof


Clicking on the withdraw option, I currently have an amount of $55, and I’ve already withdrawn $320 from here. You can check the dates and timings to Observe when I started working with this shortener. I initiated a withdrawal of $4 on November 16, and before that, I withdrew $256. Now, there is an amount of $155 pending.

Simply click on the withdraw button, and this will be transferred to your account shortly.
Simply click on the withdraw button, and this will be transferred to your account shortly.

Talk About The Method

Now, let’s talk about the method. The amount of $155 will come to my wallet in about 3 hours. This shortener allows you to withdraw the money within 3 hours of placing the withdrawal request. Many shorteners take 3 to 5 days for withdrawals, but with this one, you get the withdrawal within the next 3 hours.

Inside this shortener, there are many benefits and features that we will explore further.

1.To start earning, you need to sign up

2.Upon signing up, you receive an initial bonus of About $0.25 Additionally

3.When you log in to your account, you get a login bonus ranging from 20 to $1

4.There are various settings you need to configure, including payment settings for withdrawals

5.Once that is done, you can start shortening URLs

6.It’s a simple method; just click on create, and you can sort your links. This is a straightforward process.


You must be doing the same thing in every shortener. In this shortener, there are many benefits and features.

1.Additionally, here you get an option for referrals

Now, in many shorteners, you might have noticed that you get $10 on 10 referrals, mostly $20 on 20 referrals, and so on. But here, you get a referral amount of $30. This means if your referral earns ₹1, you will get ₹10. So, the referral system here is very advantageous. Also, the earnings you make here are shown in dollars, About ₹82 per dollar. So, when you withdraw in dollars, you get About ₹4417 for each $1. Comparing this to other shorteners where you get About ₹76 to ₹75 for $1, you canObserve that here you get approximately ₹82 for $1. Thus, if you withdraw $100, you get About ₹441, and in other shorteners, you would get About ₹50 to ₹360 for the same amount.

2.This shortener has a high CPM (Cost Per Mille) with fewer ads

There are just two pages, the shortened link page and the main link page. After clicking, your main link opens, and you earn a considerable amount with minimal ads. So, you can understand that with a withdrawal of just $1, you can easily earn ₹4.


The initial bonus is About $0.25, and you can earn a little more by simple tasks. So, you can withdraw your money easily. These are some of the benefits of this excellent website, which you can use. Below is the link; click to join. Many people are searching for things like animal Picture, which are currently trending. Many good Picture are being recommended, and people have already created channels where they are working.

“I will earn money when the upcoming Picture is released. I have opened a channel with About 3000 subscribers, and there is another channel with about 30,000 subscribers. On these channels, daily, they post something related to the animal Picture that is going to be released. Meaning, they have to work a little. They post something daily about the upcoming animal Picture, such as what things will be in the animal Picture, which rules will be followed, when it will be released, and many other things. If you work on just one Picture, your channel will go up significantly within a day, and a lot of traffic will come, and you will earn a lot.

whenever a Picture is released, you have to work. How to work is, for example, an animal Picture is coming soon. Right now, you create a channel with the name ‘Animal Picture,’ and whatever is going on related to the animal Picture, whatever is being posted regularly, you have to keep posting them. When a lot of subscribers come to your channel, your channel will appear in the search results. Many people will automatically join, and you will have to bring some traffic from YT as well. After that, your channel will become stable. Once it’s stable, on the day or the next day when the Picture is released, you can post the link here. Across your software, a lot of traffic will come, which converts into income.

So, this is a simple method. Across this method, you can work. Create a channel, work on the channel daily, and people who have Observe your channel, who have a lot of subscribers, when they promote the Picture, your channel should be big. For that, you have to work a lot. Only then, you can earn. This means you have to work. Then, your income can be more at some time. But to earn instantly, you have to work on whatever latest Picture is coming. You have to work on it. Your income will start in real-time. If you start working from today, it will start from today. If you start from tomorrow, it will start from tomorrow. If you have any doubts, ask in the comment section below. You will get a reply. For now, this is all I say. Observe you in the next Article.

link2cash real or fake?

Ans: Yes, It’s Totally Genuine.

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