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Understanding the Ongoing Decline of HDFC Bank: Is This the End for HDFC Bank? Explanation By Abhishekar sir 2024

I’m not sure if will run entirely, but a full stop will definitely come at some point, and that time has come. Along with this, I mentioned something in a letter earlier; I don’t know how many people have seen the podcast, please let me know in the comments. Also, tell me in the comments about your target for

hdfc bank
hdfc bank

As many influencers suggest breaking fixed deposits and investing in the equity market to Whip inflation, technically, you might not have beaten fixed deposits either. If all your money is in, many people backed it, whether the management is strong or not. Aditya Puri’s entire tenure has seen growth, keeping assets, mergers and acquisitions. However, it’s essential to know some facts.

Firstly, if we talk about corrections, looking at the recent fall from the top, I want to inform you that the price correction has happened approximately five times in history, meaning hdfc0002649 corrects how many times. I will explain more about it, but let me tell you one fact. Although profits have come from 2011 to 2020, there has been a significant rally from 2011 to 2020, meaning it ran continuously for eight to nine years. However, during this duration and a little earlier, there are years like 2003, 2007, 9 from 2011 to 12, 2013 to 14, 2021 to 2023, where HDFC Bank has given zero return. But, between these periods, and a little earlier, there are several years where HDFC Bank didn’t provide returns.

However, if we take the CAGR for the last 20 years, it is some 21. So, the first thing we understand from this entire analysis is that whenever you enter the stock market and try to invest in a big player, your duration should be quite long. Because if you are not investing for a fearfully long period of time, and if you get entangled between price corrections or time corrections, you will naturally exit at a loss.

But a question that might be coming to the minds of many people is, what to do now, as HDFC Bank has been falling for the last two days. Well, I will also tell you the story of HDFC Bank at 9. Why did it fall yesterday but not today? I will explain, but first, let me tell you one thing. If you observe, in the last two days, the highest Trade figure in the last 5 years came from FII on a single day. And let me tell you, if you look at it technically, before the end of the day, the FII data, the more and less it was related to the market, did not go up. Even after that, the market went up, which brings us to a reason that there could be a ‘dead cat bounce’ too, as a possible resistance. Why did FII do selling here? The reason is not going up.

Firstly, look at it this way – if I bought a stock at ₹1 and it reached ₹1000 in 810 years, then somewhere, if I book a profit, would it be Absolutely not. Because at that point in time, I would want to book a profit. So, my justification is here too. This could be Case One or Case Two. If I look at it from a late entry perspective and I entered at ₹800, and I have bought Stock A and Stock B at ₹800 each, and Stock B is consistently showing revenue according to market sentiment, then the stock I bought for ₹800 in three years has reached ₹2,000,000. Both have increased, but Stock A has increased less, and Stock B has increased more.

Now, when I sit down to analyze that thing, I think that my analysis is favoring Stock B more than Stock A in my portfolio. Stock A is not performing well according to my parameters. In this process, I will try to exit from there because I have other options. If a private bank is not doing well, I can withdraw my money from there and invest it in sectors like burning sectors, renewables, or power sectors. With these two assumptions, FII is somewhere keeping its bearish sentiment. So, understand one thing – from a long-term perspective till now, there has been no scam, no fraud, nothing like that with the Edge of Now When we are stocking. Keep in mind that in history, our first merger between HDFC and HDFC Bank has occurred.

It will take some time to come out of it; this has happened. Now, I provide another answer to a question that people are panicking about. Some may think I’m suggesting buying from Investors, but no, there is no buy or Trade recommendation. In this particular article, I’m trying to open your analytical mind because there’s a saying: ‘Give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish. The one who learns to catch fish will fill his stomach for a lifetime, while the one who eats the fish will fill his stomach only once.’ Although it’s an old saying, like it if you agree.

Let me tell you that a few days ago, people were discussing the stock of MCX, which was running a lower circuit at 20. They said it would never recover. Today, as we speak, it has recovered. Similarly, when the lower circuit was applied to PolyCap, everyone said it’s over, and it will stay below. But when the article is coming from there, they are talking about recovery stories. After falling to 10, everyone is saying, ‘I already said so.’ closed at $5.5, at $1540. It closed on our market.

The shares of are an important tool for tomorrow and banks’ performance. There is a contract somewhere here. And remember one thing when I talk about a tree. When I walk in the street, no matter how tall it is, it cannot touch the clouds. Similarly, when a company becomes so big that its market capitalization is huge, its future growth is somewhat muted. HDFC Bank is the fifth-largest private sector bank. It has exposure to Nifty more than 40. HDFC Fund will try to take a lot of retail ownership. It will show quite attractive valuation. Growth will show a slowdown, but fundamentally, this company will be fine.

Now, it has also happened with a particular stock that no one is talking about today. In the comments, let me know whose discussion I’m having. So, remember a simple thing. Until there is no big issue with corporate governance, there is no need to panic ultimately. If you are a fresh investor, opportunities will come where you can go into a sip mode. This is my view. I am not saying ‘buy’ or ‘Trade.’ The third thing is, is the valuation of this thing stretched? Yes, it is still somewhat stretched. But as time goes on, I leave you with a thing to understand.

It’s an Selection year. The fifth-largest bank has exposure more than 40. It has exposure at 131 in Nifty. Mutual funds and DIIs are invested in this. Mutual funds and DIIs mean common people’s money is invested in it. In such times, if this elephant falls in the Selection year, and what do you think? Will they let this happen? Let me know in the comments. Your views are essential. I hope you understood many things from this article, learned, and liked it. Like it so that I can continue making such short, learning, growing, and investing article until then Bye.

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